This Retrospective gives an overview of the wide variety of projects undertaken by the Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life over the past year and the insights gathered throughout. Highlights include:

  • research and publications: this year, we produced a report following our round-table Dialogue on sustainable development challenges in Latin America. The report highlights that sustained behaviour change requires us to understand better what motivates us – we could therefore helpfully start to think of ourselves more as citizens who share in the benefits and burdens of achieving more sustainable development. Other projects featured include our collaboration with Sodexo’s Universities segment to identify key trends from the higher education sector that are set to impact the academic journey, campus experience and student success, also our collaboration with Sodexo’s Energy & Resources segment to help it consider how to develop a better understanding of how to measure Sodexo’s contribution to the Quality of Life of First Nation Band members in Canada,
  • external conferences and seminars: the Institute spoke at a number of conferences and seminars this year on topics including quality of life for older adults to the impact of AI on business and society,
  • 2018 Quality of Life insights and trends: with our gaze focused externally in search of insights to help us advance our understanding of quality of life, we continued to collect interesting knowledge from a variety of sources including this year’s World Happiness Report, the UK’s Royal Society of Arts, McKinsey’s Global Institute and Gallup.


Download: 2018 Retrospective

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